August, 2015

What are Analog and Digital?

The fall semester starts next Monday, August 24, 2015. One of the courses I’ll be teaching is “Digital Media and The Arts”. It’s an introductory class intended to examine some of the major art forms and [...]

Getting Back To Basics

I wrapped up the AIX Records sales tables after the California Audio Show closed on Saturday evening rather than Sunday afternoon. It was tough decision but I was very worried about the traffic heading south to [...]

Starting the Kickstarter Pre-Launch

It’s official. I’ve been working very hard on my first Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign by thinking through all of the rewards, creating a budget to complete the physical book and pressing of the Blu-ray discs, establishing [...]

Reference Recordings and Keith Johnson

I’ve known Keith Johnson for many years. We met at an AES convention and while we’ve not seen each other in a very long time, I hold him in the highest regard. So it was a [...]

The Analog Tape Adventure

I’ve very aware of the work that Paul Stubblebine and his partners are doing at The Tape Project but I hadn’t actually seen or held any of their products. Well, I did on Saturday in the [...]

CAS6: Part 3

Saturday is usually the busiest day at an audio trade show…but it wasn’t for the AIX Records sales table at CAS6. A few people that I talked to seemed to think it the 65th Annual Pebble [...]

CAS6: Part II

On Friday afternoon I gave my hour-long presentation in the Aspen room of the Westin Hotel. The title was “The Myth of High-Resolution Audio/Music”. I hooked up my Mac Laptop to the projector and fired up [...]

California Audio Show 6: Day 1

It’s been a very long day. It was both setup day and the first day of sales today at the California Audio Show. I drove to San Francisco from LA yesterday afternoon…and it took 7 hours [...]

Are the Lights On or Off?

It has become quite common in high-end audiophile circles to go all “analog” on parts of the signal path that are carrying digital information. Talking about noise or electrical interference in a USB cable as it [...]

An Open Response to Michael Lavorgna

Some of you may be reading the polite back and forth that Michael Lavorgna of and I have been having about topics we’re both interested in. He’s been writing long responses to a few of [...]