June, 2015

High-Resolution Audio: FAQs Part 1

In preparation of my consumer guide to “High-Resolution Audio” handout, I’m going to include a frequently asked questions section. Here’s the first part of two: FAQ 1. What is High-Resolution Audio? High-Resolution Audio describes recordings that [...]

A Voice In The Wilderness? Meh…

Today is DSD day. Sometimes the stars align and a topic appears magically from thin air. My friend Ray Kimber (yes, the guy behind the Kimber Kable company) posted an item on my FB feed announcing, [...]

An Open Letter To Naxos

Dear Jeff, I think you visited my display last January in the High-Resolution audio TechZone room at the Venetian. It was good to see you. I’m still advocating for honesty, clarity, provenance, and openness in the [...]

Policing Policies and Glass Houses

AIX Records physical discs are distributed by Naxos. Naxos is a very large classical label, aggregator, and distributor of CD, DVD, Blu-rays, and digital media (both streaming and downloads). They do a very good job of [...]

Who’s Responsible for Showing Sonic Improvement?

Reviewing a piece of equipment, an expensive interconnect or speaker cable, or some other audiophile accessory is a tough thing to do. Is simply listening to an item in a high-end system and reporting on the [...]

Round 2: The Revised Infographic

Today’s post is going out late today because I’m been expanding and revising the infographic that I pass out yesterday. No kidding, I’ve been at this for over 8 hours today. I’m so thankful to all [...]

A Little Help?

A week from today, I’ll be winging my way to CE Week in New York City. I was initially invited by the organizers of the event to participate on a panel titled, “Producing the Very Best [...]


What’s going on over at Computer Audiophile? I know many of you are active readers of my site and Chris’ CA site. I try to stop by there every so often and see what’s brewing. In [...]

Analog is “Dripping With Cool”

There are five studios housed in the AIX Media Group building. Each has variety of analog and digital equipment that is used to produce audio projects. Interestingly, it the AIX Records studio that has the only [...]

A | B Listening Tests

The NPR Music “How well can you hear audio quality?” quiz made me start thinking about some very fundamental issues associated with master quality audio (we didn’t get to listen to any high-resolution audio during their [...]