June, 2015

Recording Engineers Are Not Audiophiles? Part 2

Continued from yesterday… The commentator moves on to DTS CDs. These were CDs that couldn’t be played in a normal CD player because they were encoded in DTS from a multichannel “surround music” masters. They preceded [...]

Recording Engineers Are Not Audiophiles?

Don’t you hate it when the comments for a particular thread are closed and you didn’t get the last word? I didn’t really want to get into a long discussion with a commentator over at the [...]

A High-Resolution Listening Event: Part 2

The high-res music listening party at Battery Studios last week continued as our group of about ten migrated to Mark Wilder’s mastering room. You can read the first installment by clicking here. Mastering rooms are not [...]

A High-Resolution Audio Event: Part I

As part of the CE Week event last week, The Recording Academy® Producers and Engineers Wing celebrated the 25th anniversary of Sony’s Legacy Recordings by giving them a Certificate of Merit “acknowledging its excellence in producing [...]

Audio Overkill? AP Article Lands

In early April, I received a phone call from an AP reporter named Ryan Nakashima. He told me that he had been assigned the task of writing a story on the merits of “so-called” high-resolution audio [...]

New Hi-Res Production Guidelines from The Recording Academy®

At 10:30 yesterday morning, Marc Finer of the DEG moderated a panel on high-resolution music (I’m going to have to get used to the new name associated with the new logo). There were representatives from The [...]

The RIAA Introduces Hi-Res MUSIC Logo

I heard about this announcement yesterday at the CE Week conference…and it certainly sounded encouraging. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) “and its member companies today unveiled a new logo designed to help music fans [...]

CE Week NYC: Setting Up

It was very hot and humid in New York City yesterday…thankfully, I was inside the Altman Building Gallery space setting up the room for the CE Week demos and presentations. The space is large…about 45 x [...]

Road Trip to New York City

Yesterday was my travel day. I had an early flight (6:20 am) and had to get up early – very early – to get to the airport on time. After dashing to the studio to grab [...]

High-Resolution Audio FAQs: Part 2

Here’s the second part of the FAQs that I’ve prepared for the upcoming “Consumer Guide to High-Resolution Audio”. The first part was posted yesterday and can be read by clicking here. 6. What is Master Source [...]