May, 2015

T.H.E. Newport Show Is Next Week!

My university commitments are behind me for the summer. I’ve graded all of the final exams, read all the papers, and evaluated all of the senior projects…life is good! And next week is the Newport Audio [...]

The JAS Responds

A representative from the JAS responded to my email today. I was surprised. The person indicated that he was the party in charge of the partnership agreement with the CEA that was announced at the end [...]

Qobuz Again

Confusion reigns at the French digital music download site. The second page of their press release contains a box of text titled “What is Hi Res Audio?” I hadn’t noticed this section of the document until [...]

Qobuz, the JAS, and the Myth of the High-Res Audio Logo

One of the largest “high-resolution” music download sites in the world (so they claim) is the French site Qobuz. I had some back and forth with them a year or more over their claim to have [...]

Sending Off My Students…

Yesterday evening, I participated in the commencement ceremonies at CSU Dominguez Hills. For many years, I didn’t attend…and I really don’t know why. I guess I was lazy or believed I had more important things to [...]

Heart of Gold: Pono Revealer Part II

Neil Young and Ponomusic announced a software application recently that lets any Pono owner “process” any “high-resolution” tune in their Pono library into a variety of formats and downconversions. I don’t have a Pono player and [...]

Pono Revealer

Many of you have seen/heard me on Scott Wilkinson’s excellent webcast “Home Theater Geek”, which is part of the network of webcasts. I was alerted to another show hosted by the head guy at twit [...]

More Fun DSD Approaches

Yesterday’s post presented a few ways that record companies produce and release DSD recordings. You can check out the entire post yourself by clicking here but simply put I laid out two approaches: convert source high-resolution [...]

Making the DSD Sausage: Different Recipes

My recent discussion of Sound Liaison and their DSD releases got me thinking about all of the ways that DSD recordings are produced. A subsequent email from the company, indicated that they take their original 96 [...]

Sound Liaison Responds About DSD Pricing

I don’t mean to single out Sound Liaison with regards to the pricing of DSD conversions of their high-resolution 96/24 PCM masters. Their recordings are actually spectacular (maybe because they make them at 96 kHz/24-bit PCM?). [...]