May, 2015

Newport Beach Show : Day 2

I got to the Irvine Hotel a little late yesterday. As I leaving my office, I locked and closed the door with my keys inside. Yep, a real bonehead move. After trying to MacGyver my way [...]

T.H.E. Newport Show: Day 1

I left the house at 6 am, wrote the day’s blog, packed up the car, filled the tank with gas, and drove to Irvine in rush hour traffic. The Hotel Irvine is hosting the Newport event [...]

The MQA Messaging: Questions

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is the latest darling of the audiophile press and (even mainstream) music industry. There are been a number of articles and web posts that go through the technology. Some months ago, I [...]

Pono Player: First Impressions

I should be preparing my keynote address and PowerPoint slides for tomorrow’s Newport Show. But the contents of a miniature coffin-shaped bamboo box were just too tempting to ignore. I really wanted to play with the [...]

A Few Things…

Pono Player Arrives Guess what showed up in the UPS shipment yesterday? A Pono player! Don’t jump to any conclusions, I didn’t break down and purchase the device. A good friend asked if I would like [...]

Beyond High-Resolution: MQA

I’m looking forward to spending some time with Robert Stuart later this week. The head of Meridian and co-inventor of Master Quality Authenticated is headed to Los Angeles for the Newport Beach Show and has promised [...]

JAS: Additional Information

I received another very informative email from a representative of the JAS on Friday, May 22, 2015. It contained some clarification and additional information regarding their role in the emerging area of High-Resolution Audio. Bottom line…it’s [...]

Cable Curiosities

Talking about audio cables is sure fire way to start a comment war. Just this past week, I spent several hours with the top executive of a major audio company in the studio for a chat [...]

All Recordings Are DSD…NOT!

The discussion over at CA also included a great deal of push back on the DSD vs. PCM debate. One of the writers presented numerous lengthy comments about how modern ADC and DAC converters operate. Recall [...]

Novice Professionals

As you all know, I read all of the comments posted on this site prior to approving them for everyone to see (I have never rejected a comment…only the spam goes to the trash). Most of [...]