November, 2014

Time Out

It’s the end of the holiday weekend and it was a busy one. Thanksgiving Day in Ventura, my 32nd wedding anniversary on Black Friday, a surprise birthday party for my lovely wife Mona (yes she was [...]

Filters: Part III

If you’re just joining the conversation about filters, please check out the previous articles AND read the comments. I’m blessed to have some very smart engineers and EE types as part of this community and appreciate [...]

Filters: Part II

Thanksgiving is behind us…it was a great day here in SoCal in spite of an hour delay on Pacific Coast Highway heading up to Ventura due to a traffic accident and a closed PCH near Trancas [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a spectacular sunny and warm day in Southern California…a perfect day for a Thanksgiving feast, family, and some fun at the beach with Charlie, the new Waldrep family border collie. I apologize to those experiencing [...]


What is an audio filter? Is filtering the same as equalization? What role does filtering have with regards to audio fidelity? Filters play a role in the successful conversion of analog/digital signals, speakers/crossovers, and record productions. [...]

Super Live Audio: Part II

The engineers at KV2 are concerned with producing high SPLs without distortion in a hall or large concert venue. They don’t have to record and then playback music because they design and deliver live sound. But [...]

Super Live Audio

Another new moniker for high-resolution audio, except this time it’s specifically for live sound…it’s called SLA or Super Live Sound. And lest you think that someone has finally solved the problem of horrific sound at live [...]

LA Phil At Disney Hall

I used to attend a lot of concerts. Most of them were classical because I did so much live recording twenty years ago, but these days I don’t travel too far from home because of traffic, [...]

DVD-Audio vs. SACD: A 2004 AES Paper Sheds Light

The high-resolution audio world was just getting started when a couple of students at the Tonmeisterinstitut, University of Music Detmold, Germany decided they would do a rigorous study on the sonic differences (if any) between the [...]

A Final…But Not Last Word On DSD.

In researching the posts of the last few days, I done a lot of reading and exchanged a bunch of emails with people who’s opinions I respect in the area of audio engineering, equipment design, and [...]