October, 2014

Dynamics Trouble: Peak Limiting

Peak limiting is just one of a number of processes that can be applied to an audio track, but it may be the most common and most damaging of the amplitude modifying effects. The basic idea [...]

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade…

My studio is equipped with a Euphonix System 5 console. I purchased it back in the summer of 2000 in order to do all of the post production audio for my high-resolution audio projects and so [...]

Apple Event 10.16.14

I watched Tim Cook last week roll out the new iPad Air 2, the new iPad mini 3, and the iMac with its impressive 5K screen. The Apple event also introduced new revs of the iOS [...]

A Personal Reflection: Henri Lazarof

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a former student. Bruce studied music at CSU Northridge in early 80s. He took my recording and electronic music courses. That was a very long time ago. I left [...]

A First Peak at the Ponomusic Site

The month of October is already half over and Halloween is right around the corner. This is the month that Pono promised to begin sending their new players to supporters and to launch their music download [...]

Put Tape Over The Meters!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a visitor to the studio. Rory and I have been friends for a very long time. He’s a musician, producer, consultant, licensing expert, and closely associated with the work that DTS Entertainment [...]

New High-Resolution Recordings: AES Workshop

I’m still reflecting on the workshop that happened on Sunday and thought I would continue my thoughts on that lengthy session today. Yesterday, I heaped well-deserved praise on Morten Lynberg and his 2L label. His catalog [...]

New Hi-Res Recordings: AES DSD/DXD Panel

If you haven’t hear about Morten Lynberg and his 2L record label, you should. His company is based in Oslo Norway and he produces about 10-15 new “real” high-resolution releases per year. He makes them available [...]

AES 2014 Day 3: Part I

I hadn’t originally planned on returning to the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday for day 3 of the AES Convention, but just afternoon there I was making my way upstairs once again to the sessions [...]

AES Convention Day 2

I finally got to the AES Exhibit floor yesterday in between paper sessions and a meeting of the High-Resolution Audio working group. The entire show was contained within one hall of the LA Convention Center, which [...]