October, 2014

Happy Halloween

When I moved to California in the mid 1970s, the technology used to make records was very different than it is today. Everything used to record, mix, process, and deliver music was done using analog equipment. [...]

Pono and the End of October

I’m running to get to the airport early this morning but wanted to write a quick post on the Pono situation as I see it…now that we’re at the end of October. As you may remember [...]

The TAVES Show is this Weekend!

Another weekend and another audio trade show…this time in Toronto. I’ve been attending this very well organized show for the past three years and highly recommend it. There are going to lots of rooms full of [...]

Newsflash: Music Industry Sees Record Low Sales

I had breakfast with a close friend this morning in Venice, California. Richard is in town with his daughter to visit USC and check out the music industry program there. His father was the founder and [...]

Imagining a Standard Metric for Music

It might come as surprise but as I pointed out the other day, there is no standard for fidelity or specifications for music like there is for film mixes. Not that the film standard is perfect [...]

Translate This!

I received the following comment from a regular reader and frequent commenter about the idea of auditioning a particular track on a great playback system. To quote Craig, “Again, the whole studio-bred idea of ‘How will [...]

Digital Music Sales Decline

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iTunes digital music download store will report a decline in sales of between 13 and 14 percent in 2014. What has been the 800-pound gorilla in the music distribution [...]

Classical Surround

It strikes me as odd that the only labels that are actively producing and releasing surround music are focused primarily on classical repertoire. This was brought to fore when all of the participants in the AES [...]

Let’s Talk to Professionals

I know and count as friends a large number of professional recording engineers. Among them are Grammy nominees/winners and engineers that have worked with some of the biggest music acts on the planet (including the Stones, [...]

The Return of the Cassette?

Are we really living in a world where everything old is new again…of at least worthy of resurrection? It seems as though we are. I received an email touting the return of the pre-recorded audio cassette. [...]