August, 2014

YouTube Rumored To Be Readying Paid Music Service

I heard about the rumored YouTube Music Key on NPR the other day as I drove home and read a little more about it this morning at Techhive and Android Police. According to these sites, for [...]

Two Contrasting Views of an HD-Audio File

Some days the dog bites you and some days you bit the dog! The new iTrax – Sprint Ultra HD-Audio Sampler has been downloaded many hundreds of times over the past week. I’m thankful that there [...]

Time Aligning Waveforms

I just finished going through the stack of emails that needed my attention and responded to a bunch of comments on some recent posts. The 16-bits vs. 24-bits debate continues to draw comments. I’m planning on [...]

California Audio Show Day 3

Sorry for the very late post today. Following the close of the CAS5 show yesterday afternoon, my wife, our puppy Charlie, and I packed out of the Westin SFO Hotel and headed south to Palo Alto [...]

California Audio Show Day 2

The second day of the California Audio Show was busier than the first day but commerce at the AIX Records table was about the same as the previous day…which is to say quite good. In fact, [...]

A Tale of Two Trade Shows: CAF Day 1

Audio trade shows almost always start on Friday and extend through Sunday. My wife drove me down to Millbrae to the Westin Hotel by the San Francisco airport yesterday morning. I unloaded two large suitcases, my [...]

The “Audio Myth” of 24-bits vs. 16-bits

I’ve had some back and forth with a few readers following my negative assessment of an “educational” piece posted on a high-res audio site written by an esteemed member of the audiophile press. You can read [...]

A New Leaf

It’s been well over a year since I started these daily posts. Everyday, I sit at my computer and tap out 500 words or more on topics that I believe will be interesting or informative to [...]

The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night…In Full 5.1 Surround

I was there watching on that evening 50 years ago in 1964 when The Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Like so many other baby boomers, my world was transformed by the excitement, the [...]

Preview: The iTrax-Sprint Ultra HD-Audio Sampler

A few months ago, I received an email from a C-level executive at Sprint. It turns out that he’s a fellow music fan and lifelong audiophile…AND a reader of this blog. He kindly sent me one [...]