August, 2014

The Natural Harmonic Series

In my Tuesday evening beginning recording class, I introduced the basic concepts of acoustics. I’ve already talked about a couple of the basic ideas in a previous post including frequency and amplitude (You can revisit that [...]

A Field Trip to DTS

The meeting was originally scheduled for July 15 but was moved to August 29th after several people had to cancel at the last minute. My good friend Robert Margouleff (Grammy-winning engineer/producer for Steve Wonder) and I [...]

Apple To Introduce HD-Audio iPhone and iTunes HD

This is not a news item or a statement of fact…or even rumor. It is my educated guess as to what Apple might be contemplating as the push for “high-resolution audio” continues AND people like Neil [...]

Intro To Recording: Day 1

It was a very crowded room Tuesday evening in room A202 of La Corte Hall at the California State University at Dominguez Hills. I held my first meeting of the “Introduction to Audio Recording” for a [...]

A Reference Media Server or Very Expensive HTPC? Part III

Just shut up and listen! That’s the message that a lot of reviewers, audiophiles, and equipment vendors resort to when science and engineering get in the way. It’s almost as if the measurement of noise levels, [...]

Science Is Folly: Empiricism Wins The Day! Part II

Yesterday, I started a discussion about the specifics of a statement made by an admitted non-engineer and non-computer geek who happens to be the founder and head of Montana-based Baetis audio, John Mingo. I wanted to [...]

Baetis Audio: Fun With The Facts Part I

I was standing at my product tables in San Francisco at the California Audio Show and one of the members of the newly formed (or reformed following the demise of the Bay Area Audio Society) SF [...]

Another Semester Starts Tomorrow

I’ve taught audio engineering, music theory, musicianship, composition, synthesis, music analysis, and studio maintenance at the university level for over 30 years…actually since I was a graduate student at CSU Northridge in the mid 80s. These [...]

Qobuz Is Now Available In the U.S.

I received a press release from the French high-end digital download company announcing, “we are both proud and excited to announce the official opening of the Qobuz music download service in your country.” The company [...]

High Resolution Audio to Be a Major Focus at 137th AES Convention

The annual Audio Engineering Society convention is going to happen in Los Angeles this year from October 9-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s the first time the show has been in LA for at [...]