July, 2014

Demonstrating Great Audio

What’s the most important aspect to a great demonstration track? Of course, it depends on the circumstances but I think we can all agree on what the ideal result would be. Any person having experienced the [...]

500 Posts and Counting!

As I clicked on the “New Post” button on the Admin page of this WordPress site, I happened to notice that the total post counter was at 500 posts. I could hardly believe it…that’s a pretty [...]

Picking the Right Demo Tracks

What’s the best way to convince the uninitiated that there are better musical experiences beyond their usual setup? For certain demographics it’s not terribly hard to make an impression. For someone used to listening to heavily [...]

From MP3 to DSD 256/512..Really?

Sometimes you just have to wonder who dreams this stuff up. I received an email from a reader the other day about a “clever” technique to remove “the digital harshness” from MP3 files. We’ve already looked [...]

Return From Oz

It was a very brief trip to the center of the country to spend an hour giving a quick primer about the emerging world of high-resolution audio to a very diverse group of technicians, executives and [...]

Music/Audio Basics in Two Hours: Part II

So here’s the continuation of yesterday’s list of questions and answers that I include in a quick summary of music and audio production. Q – What production procedures are used to make recordings? A – There [...]

Music/Audio Basics in Two Hours: Part I

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Life is good. Running the new puppy at the beach early in the morning or trying to wear him out at the end of the day with a few [...]

Vinyl LPs Sales Increase Near 40%

Yes, it’s true. According to the UK’s Digital Journal online magazine and writer Katherine Ogilvie, “Vinyl continues to be back in vogue, topping new sales records and furthering its slow domination of the music industry market”. [...]

Why Music?

The Harman produced video “The Distortion of Sound” featured musicians, producers and engineers talking the importance of “emotion” in music. They all stressed that they make and enjoy music because it can connect people in both [...]

“The Distortion of Sound”…Distorted!

I received an email from one of my former students this morning. His name is Rob Marshall and he was an exceptionally talented and motivated audio student while studying at CSU Dominguez Hills, although he had [...]