July, 2014

Nine Ways to Love (and profit from) The CD! Part I

Inspiration for these posts comes from a number of sources. I think about what to discuss during my morning walks (sometimes runs) with Charlie, the new Waldrep Border Collie puppy. And not infrequently, a reader will [...]

Compression vs. Compression? Part II

Take a look at the diagram that I’ve prepared below. It shows a number of things. The first three waveform displays show each stage of compressing a signal. On the left is the uncompressed signal. The [...]

Compression vs. Compression? Part I

Compression vs. Compression? Part I The issue of compression can be confusing. We certainly saw that in the Harman sponsored film “The Distortion of Sound”, which seem to dwell on the ills of MP3 data compression [...]

The Capitol Audiofest 2014 Day 3

Things were very slow on Sunday at the Madison Ballroom. Bob of Bob’s devices and Chris, a local gentleman selling bargain and collectible vinyl LPs, and I lamented the lack of traffic. In fact, we suggested [...]

Crossing the HiFi Portable Bridge

There were no seminars at the Capitol Audiofest yesterday. Gary Gill, the organizer of the show, invited the DC area headphone club to come to the show and set up a bunch of tables in the [...]

Capitol Audiofest Day 1

It’s really easy to participate in an audio show when you don’t have to load in a bunch of high-end gear, unpack everything, arrange a room and get great sound to happen. I don’t set up [...]

Playing Fast and Loose With the Numbers

A reader sent me a recent news item regarding Pono and their new relationship with Omnifone, a large UK-based aggregator of digital music tracks. Neil Young is pictured with two of the principals of the company [...]

While We’re Talking About Prices

If something costs more, is it inherently true that it is better than a less expensive item with the same function? I get it. AIX Records and our partners at the AXPONA show back in April [...]

On The Road to the Capitol Audio Fest in DC

Gary Gill’s Capitol Audiofest is happening in Washington DC this weekend from July 25-27 at the Sheraton Hotel in Silver Spring, MD…and once more I’m packing up a couple of suitcases and heading east. My Southwest [...]

Gauging the Cost of Quality

I received the Blue Coast Records newsletter the other day and followed a link to one of Cookie Marenco’s latest samplers. Since I’m in the midst of preparing a collaborative sampler of my own, I thought [...]