October, 2013

How to Read a Spectragram: Part IV

Here’s the quick summary on the previous installments on “How to Read a Spectragram”. We’ve looked the basic layout of a spectragram and the various axes that flank the plots that are commonly output. I analyzed [...]

How to Read a Spectragram: Part III

Over the past couple of posts, we’ve looked at the spectra of a standard definition compact disc and a great example of a high-resolution file with lots of ultrasonic information. The previous examples were digital recordings…meaning [...]

How to Read a Spectragram: Part II

So yesterday, I think we got the basics out of the way on what a spectragram is and what the various axes represent. We looked at a standard resolution audio track. The track was a 44.1 [...]

How To Read A Spectragram: Part I

The new iTrax.com website is coming along and I’m designing each product page to have a tab that will display a spectragram from a track or two taken from the album. I use the Adobe Audition [...]

Herbie Likes It!

I don’t believe that recording to analog tape (especially during the heyday of 24-track multitrack recording) delivers specifications that can be considered high-definition or high-resolution. However, I do admit that when Dolby SR (Spectral Recording) came [...]

A High Regard for Emptiness Part II

Continued from yesterday… In fact, Chris Connaker of Computer Audiophile spends a lot of time talking about the wonderful packaging and the hand numbered CD version that he got from Kent: The CD-R is not just [...]

A High Regard for Emptiness Part I

This whole business of High-Resolution Audio is already headed down the wrong road if you ask me. I’ve received a number of recent emails from folks that have downloaded “classic” tracks from other HD download services [...]

HRA: The New Name of High-Resolution Audio

I attended a meeting on Tuesday morning of the Audio Board of the Consumer Electronics Association. Thanks to Ray Kimber of Kimber Cables, I’ve been part of this group for about 5 years or so. The [...]

PONO: The Finale

Here’s my prediction for the new PONO player and releases. We know that they won’t be high-resolution digital downloads but they could be processed in clever ways to make them better than the original analog sources. [...]

Pono: Where Music Lives Part II

Neil Young’s PONO initiative isn’t going to be about high-resolution audio. He says so in the “About” section of the mypono.com website. What Neil recognized at the dawn of the compact disc was that it sounded [...]