August, 2013

The World’s Best Audio System?

I know there’s another website that uses the acronym TWBAS to describe a no-holds barred audio playback system, but I thought I would point out a press release that went out a couple of weeks ago. [...]

Plug Me In

The way most commercial recordings are made today is not that different than the way that we made them in the 60s through 90s. Recording studios and engineers would use multitrack recorders to successively capture the [...]

Bring in the Effects…

Every recording or live performance needs to have some hall ambiance or reverberation to make it sound natural and full. You wouldn’t go to the beach and enjoy a symphony orchestra concert because the sound wouldn’t [...]

Clean Up Sunday

I started cleaning and moving things around at the studio yesterday and I’m not sure I’m going to finish by the end of today. Not my idea of the perfect Sunday but it’s got be done. [...]

Pro Tools 11: Now 64x Better, Not!

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a special presentation sponsored by the Producers and Engineering Wing of the Recording Academy on Pro Tools 11. Normally, I wouldn’t be interested. Pro Tools has been [...]

A Field Trip To Warner Brothers

It’s been a week of reconnecting with talented individuals that I haven’t seen lately. My session this week meant I had to rent some equipment from Location Sound Corporation in Burbank. A former student (from 30 [...]

An Analog Tape vs. PCM Comparison

I know I’ve been dwelling on the session that I just finished but I feel justified because it was a very unusual production. All morning I’ve been slicing analog tape, inserting leader tape and using my [...]

25 – 14 = 11

The session yesterday went very well. Cristian Jacob is a masterful jazz pianist and performed about 15 tunes in Zipper Hall into my analog and digital recording setup. I arrived at the school at 9:15 am, [...]

Having It Both Ways

Today, I’m recording a jazz pianist by the name of Cristian Jacobs in Zipper Hall at the Colburn School for the Performing Arts. It’s been a while since I’ve done a new recording and even longer [...]

CAS 2013 Is Over!

I’m batting 100% this year with regards to attendance at every North American audio show…and thankfully the drive home from San Francisco yesterday evening closes a particularly active month of traveling. I’m glad to be back [...]