August, 2013

The BAS Study Revisited

I’m a member of the Consumer Electronics Association Audio Board thanks to my friendship with Ray Kimber of Kimber cables. Over the years I’ve found the regular conference calls and occasional meetings very interesting and informative. [...]

Weiss On DSD…Gets It Right!

The first thing I noticed on my FB page this morning was a like from Morten Lynberg of 2L regarding a recent pdf white paper that was authored by Daniel Weiss, an experienced and very well-respected [...]

A New Download Site From Acoustic Sounds

I received notifications from a couple of sources yesterday about Chad Kassem’s new entry to the world of high-quality digital downloads. It’s got a strange name that can’t help but confuse customers in a marketplace that [...]

More Than 16-bits CDs

Yesterday, I laid out the case for avoiding XRCDs…especially if you’re considering paying $35 for one. Heck, I charge $35 for a Blu-ray disc with HD-Video; three mixes and loads of extras! I heard from a [...]

JVC XRCDs: A Blueprinted Compact Disc

Some of my closest friends are car nuts. In fact, my best friend loves to search out the perfect car for restoration and go for it. He’s done it with a ’65 Corvette convertible, a ’67 [...]

Back to School

Last year I missed the first day of class. Really. The department secretary called me early on Monday morning and asked where I was? She let me know that there was a class of 25 students [...]


I enjoy hearing from readers. As you might expect, I get a lot of email from audiophiles, engineers and other writers. It’s another Sunday and I’ve got to clear out yet another room here at the [...]

Getting Back To Good Audio

In general, I’ve been very excited about the penetration prospects for better quality audio. There are professionals and amateurs buzzing about the move away from highly compressed audio (both audio and data compression) into a new [...]

I’m Biased

I spent part of yesterday transferring a single tune from my recent solo jazz recording to my Nagra IV-S and then back again to PCM digital at 96 kHz/24-bits. I calibrated the inputs and outputs with [...]

Ground Control

As most of you already know, I’ve become a digital guy. I had thought my days of analog recording, editing tape and doing analog transfers were behind me…but I was mistaken. My recent session with jazz [...]