July, 2013

A $40 CD-R?

I’m sorry I can’t resist. In my daily search around the web for interesting or scary audio related articles or posts, I came across an audiophile music site selling music recorded on CD-Rs for $40 a [...]

DSD Pure in Sonoma

Gus Skinas owns and operates the Super Audio Center in Boulder, Colorado, where he engineers various record projects and sells the Sonoma DSD audio recorder and editor. This system, which was the first multichannel DSD digital [...]

What About DXD?

After a reader pointed me to the SA-CD.net site and highlighted the filtered list labeled “Original DSD/DXD Recordings”, I knew I had to come back and talk about DXD further. If you’ve been reading along, you [...]

YouTube as a Music Platform?

I wouldn’t have though about YouTube as an Music delivery platform but the talk by Andrew Scheps in New York a few weeks ago got me thinking about it. He said that a large portion of [...]

Specifications vs. Emotional Appeal?

Although I’ve never met Dr. Sean Olive of Harmon Kardon, I’m very aware of his important work in the area of audio product design and quality sound advocacy. And we’ve corresponded a number of times over [...]

Resolution Again

I introduced the concept of resolution a few posts ago and focused on the idea that analog recording formats might have “infinite” resolution. They don’t. The smooth flow of electrons through wires or the movements of [...]

Production Paths: Microphone Multiplication Part II

Sorry, I skipped over a day in getting back to the idea of microphones, recording choices and the differences between a classical/jazz session and a session of similar instrumentation that will be used as a move [...]

Compression vs. Limiting

Here’s an interesting topic that came to mind the other day. It was prompted by the “tech notes” document associated with the free HD download from Kent Poon of Design w Sound, an audiophile producer/engineer based [...]

Production Paths: Microphone Multiplication Part I

We could make a joke about today’s topic. How many microphones does it take to capture the sound of a symphony orchestra? The punch line might go something like this: Just one if you put it [...]

Analog Resolution Realities

I’ve had a fair amount of experience with recording media from an actual WWII vintage wire recorder to a rim drive analog tape recorder (my first tape machine) through the high definition PCM digital equipment that [...]