July, 2013

Play It Loud

If you play music loud does it sound better? You might think the answer is yes if you took a survey of the vendors demoing last weekend at the Capitol Audio Fest. As I was packing [...]

Audiophile Demo Music

As I was sitting in the bar at the Sheraton following the last day of the Capitol Audio Fest and overheard some of the attendees talking about the show. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but their [...]

Capitol Audio Fest 2013 Musings

This year I decided to participate in as many of the audio shows as possible…including the Capitol AudioFest, which just wrapped up in Silver Spring, Maryland. This year’s event was a major step up from the [...]

Binaural Audio

Yesterday was the first day of the Capitol AudioFest here in Washington DC. Gary Gill has put on a small but well-organized show for four years in the DC area and this is my second year [...]

Digital Recording: The Dyaxis I DAW

The compact disc was introduced in the fall of 1982. It was the first consumer digital audio format and was a major advancement in both the quality and convenience of music. It didn’t catch on immediately…there [...]

Analog Multitracking

The transition from “all at once” recording sessions to recording individual sections or musical parts happened gradually. Les Paul was among the first to produce recordings with multiple layers of his own guitar playing. But he [...]

A High-End Audio Glossary

I thought I would start a brief glossary of terms that relate to high-end audio production and playback systems. There’s seems to be a lot of confusion about some of these terms so let’s take a [...]

Jimmy Buffet & Jackson Browne in Detroit

Last weekend, I visited some of my closest friends in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan on the very weekend that it became the largest city in the United States to declare bankruptcy. I grew up just [...]

The Magic of Multitracking

Les Paul, guitarist, engineer and instrument designer, forever changed the process of commercial record production with his perfection of “ping ponging” and ovedubbing in the 1950s. Recording engineers and producers were no longer required to capture [...]

HD Upsampled…An Audio Oxymoron

Upsampling is a process by which a lower specification audio file is converted into a higher specification audio file using sophisticated software or hardware. A standard CD resolution 44.1/16-bit selection is run through a Weiss Saracon [...]