June, 2013

LIT Redux: An Expanded Approach

So I was talking about the wonderful event that I experienced in NYC last Wednesday evening sponsored by the NARAS Producers and Engineers wing and the Audio Board of the CEA (I’m a member of both [...]

Boom Part II: Bass Management

Bass management is a process that isolates the lowest frequencies in an audio signal, amplifies them and directs them to your subwoofer speaker. This process happens at the delivery end of the reproduction process. When you [...]

Lost In Translation Redux

I spent the last 4 days in Manhattan, the lower side to be specific (airBnB worked wonderfully!) attending the CEA Audio Board meeting on Monday and a presentation by a couple of Grammy-winning engineers. The first [...]

Boom! Part I

A 5.1 surround audio system consists of 5 full range speakers and usually 1 subwoofer. However, the exact specifications of the individual components are a little more complicated. Should the main 5 speakers be identical? What [...]

Mythical 20-bit CDs: Part II

There have been lots of attempts by audiophile hardware and software companies to try and market improvements to the 44.1 kHz/16-bit restrictions of the Redbook specification. The folks at JVC created something called XRCD. Did it [...]

Mythical 20-bit CDs! Part I

There is a specification document that was produced by the developers of the compact disc back in 1982 called the Redbook (there have been lots of other colors added to the spectrum of colored specification documents [...]

Grab Bag: Part III

Sometimes it’s challenging to put so much effort into what is essentially a labor of love and not know whether people appreciate and recognize the efforts. If you cruise around the web, you can read reviews [...]

Grab Bag: Part II

I’ve always been a “maximize” the format kind of person. When I made the very first DVD-Video titles back in 1997 (March 19, 1997 to be exact), I wanted the discs to have lots of bonus [...]

Grab Bag: Part I

I’ve produced about 85 recordings since I started AIX Records back in 2000. The emergence of the DVD-Audio format as a viable new HD-Audio format seemed like an opportunity to move from my company being a [...]

16 vs. 24 Bits

Here’s a quote from a popular online audiophile site, “In PCM audio, it is felt by many that the bit rate is more important than the sample rate as the greatly increased number of numerical values [...]