April, 2013

Ultrasonics: Believe It Or Not?

I purchased a book on audio a few days ago on Amazon and it arrived yesterday. It’s a hefty paperback that covers a lot of the subject area from a realistic and practical point of view. [...]

Finding the Sweet Spot

I teach audio engineering at the California State University in Dominguez Hills. Every spring the students form small teams and spend the semester recording a band of their choice and then preparing a DVD or Blu-ray [...]

Do We Really Want Accurate Sound?

A colleague at the university where I teach and his audio engineer came by the studio on Sunday afternoon to chat about the possibilities of releasing his new classical guitar project on my little label. We [...]

AOL Music Ends

According to Digital Music News and other music industry sites, “AOL Music Is Shutting Down. We All Just Got Laid Off…” While there are few details and no official confirmation of this developing situation, AOL’s portal [...]


The Blu-ray format is the first optical format that is capable of delivering high-definition video AND high-definition audio. It was developed by Sony and won the format war, besting HD-DVD a few years ago. Adoption rates [...]


The original DVD format was introduced in the U.S. in the spring of 1997. The DVD-Audio format came out a few years later in 2000 with a new audio encoding scheme that was capable of delivering [...]

Vinyl LPs

While vinyl LPs are still a very small part of the overall music business, they are very popular among audiophiles. Specialty labels, major labels, artists and even high-resolution audio companies are releasing LPs and retailers are [...]


The DVD-Video format was introduced in 1997 as the replacement format for VHS video tape. Developed by a number of global consumer electronics companies including Sony, Phillips, Toshiba and Thompson along with Warner Brothers and other [...]

SA-CD: Super Audio Compact Disc

The SA-CD format was developed by Sony and Phillips and introduced in 2000 as a next generation, high-resolution music format. It was based on a new encoding technology called DSD or Direct Streaming Digital, which uses [...]


Compact Discs have been around since the fall of 1982 when Sony introduced their Model CD-101. The age of digital music was launched and over the next few years the advantages of CD and digital audio [...]