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Cable Curiosities

Talking about audio cables is sure fire way to start a comment war. Just this past week, I spent several hours with the top executive of a major audio company in the studio for a chat [...]

All Recordings Are DSD…NOT!

The discussion over at CA also included a great deal of push back on the DSD vs. PCM debate. One of the writers presented numerous lengthy comments about how modern ADC and DAC converters operate. Recall [...]

Novice Professionals

As you all know, I read all of the comments posted on this site prior to approving them for everyone to see (I have never rejected a comment…only the spam goes to the trash). Most of [...]

A Step Closer To The AXPONA System

I’m still trying to figure out options for the system I want to set up in Chicago at the AXPONA Show 2015. Thanks to all of the contributions that I’ve received from readers and others…I’ve got [...]

Happy Sunday! The Studio Works.

AIX Studios has a couple of beautiful rooms. I designed the studio to be large and comfortable…more like a very nice home theater room than a typical control room. The reason was that I use the [...]

A Tough Question…

I’ve made a large number of audio industry friends over the past few years of attending trade show. Many of these people are in the consumer sales and marketing areas of their companies…large and small. They [...]

What Should David Pogue Have Done Differently?

There’s a lot of grousing about Pono, Ponomusic and High-Resolution music in general happening around the net. I’m not surprised. The fundamental concept of high-resolution music has been hijacked, is being portrayed as something that it’s [...]

Assembling A Real HD-Audio Surround System

This is going to be difficult. I’m reaching out to potential partners for the upcoming AXPONA Show in April and am finding it difficult to identify a system that can achieve the level of performance that [...]

Jay Z and the Tidal/Wimp Acquisition

The trend towards streaming better quality audio just go a little more interesting thanks to an offer that Jay Z, the rapper and very serious entrepreneur made last Friday for Swedish company Aspiro better known by [...]

David Pogue and Pono: Part II

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. Here’s a link to the first half. Yahoo Tech editor David Pogue reviewed the Pono player and did an informal test comparing the sound of a “regular resolution file” [...]