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Heart of Gold: Pono Revealer Part II

Neil Young and Ponomusic announced a software application recently that lets any Pono owner “process” any “high-resolution” tune in their Pono library into a variety of formats and downconversions. I don’t have a Pono player and [...]

Pono Revealer

Many of you have seen/heard me on Scott Wilkinson’s excellent webcast “Home Theater Geek”, which is part of the twit.tv network of webcasts. I was alerted to another show hosted by the head guy at twit [...]

Some Pono Purchases

A writer for a major news outlet contacted me a few days ago. He was looking for information on the world of high-resolution audio and specifically about the hype about so-called “high-resolution” audio downloads. He is [...]

A Tough Question…

I’ve made a large number of audio industry friends over the past few years of attending trade show. Many of these people are in the consumer sales and marketing areas of their companies…large and small. They [...]

What Should David Pogue Have Done Differently?

There’s a lot of grousing about Pono, Ponomusic and High-Resolution music in general happening around the net. I’m not surprised. The fundamental concept of high-resolution music has been hijacked, is being portrayed as something that it’s [...]

Assembling A Real HD-Audio Surround System

This is going to be difficult. I’m reaching out to potential partners for the upcoming AXPONA Show in April and am finding it difficult to identify a system that can achieve the level of performance that [...]

Jay Z and the Tidal/Wimp Acquisition

The trend towards streaming better quality audio just go a little more interesting thanks to an offer that Jay Z, the rapper and very serious entrepreneur made last Friday for Swedish company Aspiro better known by [...]

David Pogue and Pono: Part II

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. Here’s a link to the first half. Yahoo Tech editor David Pogue reviewed the Pono player and did an informal test comparing the sound of a “regular resolution file” [...]

Pono and David Pogue

Have you seen the latest videos and article to cast serious doubt on Neil Young and Pono initiative? I finally got around to viewing the David Pogue iPhone vs. Pono challenge. It’s pretty disappointing…and not because [...]

Who’s Listening?

Audiophiles tend to be older. Our music preferences are distinctly different than the younger folks and our association with music is different. And we’re the ones that are in the cross hairs of the hardware and [...]