: ' Ponomusic'

Audiophiles and Blu-ray Players

My crowd source campaign is edging nearer. I’m in the midst of preparing email lists, editing the prelaunch 30″ video, doing motion graphics for the pitch piece, and making sure the message is consistent and uniform. [...]

Resolution And The Pixel Analogy

What is the simplest way to describe to someone the benefits of adding more and more bits to a PCM digital audio system? What if you were challenged to prepare an informational guide for newbies to [...]

Audio Myths – Benchmark’s John Siau Takes on DSD

You don’t have to drill very far to realize that John Siau, the chief designer at Benchmark Media, is a very smart guy. Over the years since I first met him, he has become a friend [...]

Adding Dolby “A” Noise Reduction To The Mix

I wrapped up the Christian Jacob “Beautiful Jazz” transfers last night about 10 pm. It was a very long day. As I drove out of my parking lot, I made the choice to use the freeway [...]

An Analog Weekend

I’m sitting here in my main studio control room watching reels turn on both my Nagra IV-S and the Studer A820 1/4″ 2-track machine I rented yesterday. I had hoped to be further along at this [...]

Today Is Analog Day

It is very hot in Los Angeles…even by the beach where Charlie and I went running this morning. Today is the day I start transferring the analog master tapes of Christian Jacob’s “Beautiful Jazz” for about [...]

The Pono Promise

The breaking news from Pono yesterday included a rehashing of the PonoPromise to “upgrade” any files that the labels issue at a higher resolution without charge for any PonoMusic customers. As was pointed out, the chances [...]

Breaking News: Pono Updates!

There’s big news today at Pono. They sent out a couple of emails to members of their community…I received them both because I have a Pono player and I have downloaded a number of items from [...]

Pono: They Just Can’t Help Themselves!

Pono representatives were at the California Audio Show a couple of weeks ago. I could see them just outside the ballroom where I had my two tables and on occasion I would stop by and check [...]

Sending Off My Students…

Yesterday evening, I participated in the commencement ceremonies at CSU Dominguez Hills. For many years, I didn’t attend…and I really don’t know why. I guess I was lazy or believed I had more important things to [...]