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Hello From Zurich

That’s right, yesterday (and all night) was a travel day. The close of the Kickstarter campaign has come and gone…I watched the timer count down to zero on Wednesday morning closing out a very intense 30 [...]

Kickstarter Campaign Nears Close and A Road Trip

Until you try your own Kickstarter campaign, it’s impossible to express how crazy things can get during the different phases of a project. With only 18 hours to go, the number of backers continues to creep [...]

The Kickstarter Ride Is Almost Over

This is probably the last chance I’ll get to pitch to any hold out readers about the Kickstarter campaign for “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound”. It’s been an amazing ride. The whole [...]

Parsing Pono Speak

I was interviewed on Leo LaPorte’s “Triangulation” podcast show back in September. We talked about a variety of things including the Kickstarter campaign for the “Music and Audio” guide, high-resolution audio|music, and Pono. It was not [...]

REGEN Evaluation Tomorrow: Stay Tuned

As usual, I’ve been spending way too much time at this computer today. I did manage to break free for a couple of Frisbee sessions at the part down the street with Charlie. He’s had quite [...]

Evaluating A REGEN Box

A few weeks ago, Michael Lavorgna at Audiostream and I had a polite debate about the merits of certain audiophile tweaks. Specifically, we debated the whole “bits are bits” notion and the value of “regenerating” those [...]

Understanding Digital Audio Sampling

The sound that we hear is the result of vibrations traveling through the medium of air. The molecules of the air care compacted or rarefied in a one to one relationship with the original source sound [...]

Digital Audio Basics: Lose The Stairsteps

The marketing people at Sony let me know that their new website designs have launched. They passed along two URLs that deal with high-resolution audio. The first features their entire line of hardware and some discussion [...]

Audiophiles and Blu-ray Players

My crowd source campaign is edging nearer. I’m in the midst of preparing email lists, editing the prelaunch 30″ video, doing motion graphics for the pitch piece, and making sure the message is consistent and uniform. [...]

Resolution And The Pixel Analogy

What is the simplest way to describe to someone the benefits of adding more and more bits to a PCM digital audio system? What if you were challenged to prepare an informational guide for newbies to [...]