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MQA and CD Quality: A Couple of Questions

Jason Victor Serinus posted an article about a press conference that was held at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I’m sorry I missed it. The title of the event was “MQA and Mytek Present: From [...]

High-Resolution Audio | Music: A Reality Check

Today is Monday. It was three weeks ago that I officially launched the Kickstarter Campaign for “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound”. The success of the project has been tremendously gratifying…beyond my wildest [...]

A Glossary: Hi-Res Audio | Music Terms & Definitions

There are simply too many different definitions, misuse of terminology, and hype happening in the high-resolution audio and music marketplace. How is a novice audio consumer supposed to wade through the confusion when the “guides” being [...]

Manufacturing Myths

What percentage of stuff about audio that you read on the web is hyperbole or just plain wrong? I’m finding that more and more “experts” are trying to cast their opinions as the truth. Here’s an [...]

A Preview Listening Session

Before I get into the substance of today’s post, I want to once again thank every backer of the Kickstarter campaign for his or her contribution. With the generous support of over 600 audio enthusiasts, we’ve [...]

600 Backers and the First Stretch Goal Are So Close!

The process of preparing and executing a crowd sourcing campaign on Kickstarter is all consuming…at least for the month prior to the launch and during the 30 days of the actual campaign. Of course, the response [...]

RMAF Follow Up

I’m running to get to the university today, so today post is a spray of things that have been bumping around in my brain since the close of the RMAF. No particular order of importance. My [...]

RMAF Day 3: A Few Tidbits

Audio trade shows always slow down on Sundays and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was no different…especially when the Broncos are playing in town. So I had an opportunity to stray from my sales tables and [...]

RMAF Day 2: An Analog Approach To Digital

There’s a mad scientist on the second floor of the Marriott Hotel at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest…and this morning I managed to pry myself from my sales table and visit Room 2006. A couple of [...]

Can’t Beat Analog Tape?

It happened three times yesterday. Advocates for analog tape touted their favorite format as the unrivaled “ultimate format” came by my sales table, chatted in the halls, or wrote a comment on the blog. My recent [...]