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A UK Advertising Standards Authority

We need this in the United States (maybe we’ve already got something similar but I’ve never seen anything like what I found relating to audio foolery)! I came across a link to a British site that [...]

Sony Gets Into Audiophile Accessories

I noticed it on the WSJ site but plenty of other audio sites picked up on the news that Sony has announced a microSD card that is engineered for sound quality. This new microSD “for Premium [...]

Some Of My Favorite Tracks…

What are your personal favorites? I get asked that question a lot whenever I’m tending my table at the audio trade shows that I attend. It’s an obvious question because the collection of albums that I’ve [...]

How Ridiculous Can It Get?

The curious world of audiophile craziness continues. Here are a couple of recent things that really make me question the pursuit of high-end audio and the sense of the people involved: Well-heeled audiophile enthusiasts (or just [...]

An Invitation and Challenge of My Own

If it’s on the web, then it must be true, right? This whole “I can hear it why can’t you?” debate is getting tiresome. On one side are those that believe that they can hear the [...]

First Experiences: Part II

Yesterday’s post talked about the use of standard definition tracks as demo material for new “high-resolution” devices. I’ve found many bundled tracks that sound really good…when we need really incredible sound! If the move from standard [...]

The First Experience

Sony is leading the pack when it comes to the marketing and delivery of high-resolution components. It’s their original logo that is showing up whenever HRA is mentioned. I dialed into the NHK nightly news a [...]

Shoveling Something…But Not Snow!

I grew up in a suburb outside of Detroit. I can appreciate the cold temperatures and piles of snow that are displayed nightly on the national news. Poor Boston…storm after storm has been dumping the fluffy [...]

e-Onkyo Is Coming to the U.S.

Onkyo, the Japanese consumer electronics giant, was the first company to offer “high-resolution” audio downloads in Japan. They introduced e-Onkyo in 2005 (two years ahead of iTrax, the first high-res site in the US) as the [...]

PS Audio and Blue Coast Records Challenge…Huh?

The recent flurry of articles/product reviews that continue to dismiss high-resolution audio has prompted Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records and Paul McGowan of PS Audioto issue a couple of similar challenges. We all responded to [...]