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Circling The Wagons Around Digital Cables

When it rains it pours. I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing me talk about cables but it’s a topic that just keeps on giving. The other day I clicked over to an article [...]

The Cost of Cables

I crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon in just under 6 hours last Sunday. Not as fast as I wanted (is it ever?) but I did make it from Dodger Stadium to the Santa [...]

LA Marathon 2016 Is Tomorrow!

It’s going to be hot tomorrow! Having missed last year’s race because of pneumonia, I was confident that the weather would cooperate this year. The organizers moved the race from mid March to mid February because [...]

Truths and Lies

Making sense out of all of the claims and counter claims about cables is a waste of time. The believers will continue to believe and the skeptics will continue to challenge them. The recent YouTube video [...]

The Whole Thing Is A Fraud: High-End Cables

By Mark L. Fischer Feel free to reprint this or do whatever you like with it. This is not [...]

The Cable Controversy..Spins On

I set up an FTP site for AudioQuest and uploaded the Home Entertainment by D-Tronics video featuring David Ellington of AudioQuest (if anyone wants to download the video, please drop me an email…I’ll share the credentials [...]

AudioQuest CEO Responds

It’s hard to enjoy a weekend ski trip in beautiful Big Sky, Montana when my post about the YouTube video has caused so much consternation. The article has been viewed over 11K times at this point, [...]

NAMM 2016: Hi-Res Audio MIA

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) holds its annual trade show in Anaheim at the convention center every January. These are the folks that make or sell retail musical instruments (from tubas and violins to [...]

6000 Plus Views! AudioQuest Post Goes Viral

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years and have never had the kind of instant response as my piece revealing the fraud behind AudioQuest and their HDMI cables as represented in the YouTube video. [...]

AudioQuest HDMI Cables

If you pay attention to any of the usual audiophile sites or FB pages, you’ve probably seen the Youtube video by Home Entertainment by D-Tronics [Editor’s NOTE: This is not Home Entertainment, which is a different [...]