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It’s going to be hot tomorrow! Having missed last year’s race because of pneumonia, I was confident that the weather would cooperate this year. The organizers moved the race from mid March to mid February because of the Olympic trials. This was going to be my year to break 5 hours. My training group (the LA Road Runners), which began back in early September, has put us all through our paces. A recent email claimed that we’ve run over 800 miles since then. Amazing, but I guess it could be true. I logged 133 miles in January alone. I’ll be in bed by 8 pm tonight, wake up at around 4:00 am, and catch a shuttle bus down to Dodger Stadium. The race starts at 6:55 am and will end (for me) just after noon. This will be my 6th marathon and hopefully my best. We’ll see.

Things continue to interesting with regards to the “cablegate” situation. I’ve heard from AQ CEO Bill Low about his findings. He has acknowledged that the video was “authentically fraudulent”. We will probably never know who falsified the video or directed that the audio be “juiced”. And frankly, I’m not sure it matters at this point. Someone, somewhere decided that the actual sound produced using the various grades of the HDMI cables wasn’t obvious…so they gamed the results. I think most high-end cable companies believe that their digital cables regardless of format are able to contribute to “subjective” fidelity improvements. If the data stream contains any digital errors, they assert that an expensive, well-engineered cable can bring about subtle yet important fidelity gains. This is all pure fantasy.

I read the following on another high-end cable company’s website:

“A perfect digital audio cable wouldn’t just change the sound of your system, it would also let you hear much more of the original music.”

A digital cable must absolutely NOT CHANGE the sound of your system…otherwise it’s not doing its job. Come on, let’s drop the ridiculous claims and move on. And the online reviewers continue to spew forth the same nonsense. Here are a few lines from a recent review of a USB cable costing $700/meter:

“One of the most outstanding abilities of the Platinum Starlight 7 is its ability to unravel complex musical passages. While other cables become somewhat congested, the Platinum Starlight never seemed strained when called upon to do the heavy lifting.”

“I didn’t need to use additional add-on filters to experience the exceptional noise reduction qualities of this cable.”

During the week I heard from the owner of another high-end cable company. He applauded my role in the whole “cablegate” affair:

He also forwarded a “joke” press release that actually prompted some inquires. It’s worth sharing:

DH Labs introduces
Gravitationally Compensated Audio Cables

If the moon’s gravitational pull has the power to move entire oceans, imagine what it does to the tiny electrons traveling through your audio cables. In light of this, DH Labs has created the world’s first gravitationally compensated audio cables. By using proprietary electro-gyroscopic technology, DH Labs has defeated the laws of physics, and the results are spectacular. This new technology necessitates maintaining a double inventory, as all cables shipped to the southern hemisphere must have their conductor strands wound in the opposite direction. Price: $7000 per meter.

Wait, there’s more:
To make the best even better, our Earth MFC (Magnetic Field Cancellation) option can be added for only $30,000. As the name implies, Earth MFC cancels the negative effects of the earth’s magnetic field, using precision calibrated magnetometers coupled to proprietary monitoring circuitry. The monitoring circuitry is necessary to maintain calibration should the planet’s magnetic poles ever reverse.

The net effect of these revolutionary new technologies is the purest sound ever heard.”


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