AUDIO SHOWS — 18 April 2013


The biggest and best Audio Expo North America was held in Chicago the first week of March at the DoubleTree Hotel at the O’Hare airport. High-End audio enthusiasts flocked to the hotel in spite of the rain and snow to get their ears on equipment ranging from Magico and Wilson to sub $300 DACs from DragonFly.

Software companies were there as well. AIX Records showed off their new HD-Audio sampler on the ground level in a room that featured 4 B&W 802D speakers, and Oppo BDP-95, Bryston Electronics (including the best multichannel DAC/processor on the planet…the SP-3), DH Labs Cables and a 4K up sampling JVC RS66 projector. The effect was absolutely amazing. No other room demonstrated what has been called the “holy grail” of audio/video entertainment. Full immersive HD-Audio plus 3D HD-Video. Try that with a turntable.

The show was such a success that founder and organizer Steve Davis is moving to the Westin Hotel next year to accommodate the rush of new dealers and equipment makers that are requesting space. The dates for next year will ensure better weather as well. The show was pushed back to the end of April in 2014. See you there.

AIX Records founder and Chief Engineer delivered the keynote on Friday just afternoon. Dr. Mark Waldrep talked about “The Future of the Music Industry” by surveying the production paths of the past and the equipment trends of the present. The future of audio was cut short when a fire alarm abruptly ended his presentation. You can see the speech at:

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