September, 2015

Tomorrow Is Launch Day

I apologize in advance for talking so much about my first Kickstarter Campaign, which will launch tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. During the past month, I have spent well over 50-60 hours working on the pre-launch [...]

The Joy Of Listening…

Robert Margouleff, my famous, Grammy winning engineer friend, came by this afternoon for a few hours. We’re working on creating some demos of headphone surround processed classic recordings for potential clients. He managed to secure a [...]

Appropriating The Audiophile Term

Before I get too deep into the subject of the day, I want to let you know that I’m finally done with the Kickstarter Campaign video and all supporting materials. It’s taken way too long, but [...]

Ready For The Hi-Res Demos?

I wrote about the collaboration between Best Buy and Sony last June when it was announced at the CE Week event. The press release said that some 70 Magnolia Design Centers would have dedicated areas for [...]

Telling the Truth Down Under

I’d never heard of an audio website called Australian HiFi (click here) or the editor Greg Borrowman but after getting a link from a friend today, I’m happy to have read his Editor’s blog. It’s titled, [...]

Ready for Launch…I Think

I believe that I’ve completed all of the Kickstarter requirements and am just about ready to submit it to them. There are ten different reward opportunities for supporters. You’ll be able to get the book and [...]

Happy Birthday Dad! And Thanks!

Today would have been my father’s 91st birthday…but cancer cut his life very short. He didn’t make it to half that age. I miss him. As you might imagine, I get a lot of emails. I [...]

The Music and Audio Guide Video Is Finished?

It’s taken the whole weekend to finish the post production, but I’ve just posted the first draft of the pitch video for the new “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound” on YouTube. The [...]

Getting Ready For The Kickstarter Campaign

My hope was to launch the Kickstarter Campaign on Monday, but unfortunately I’m forced to push it back a week (it can’t be delayed any further than that). I’ve been spending endless hours tweaking the animations, [...]

Pioneer XDP-100R Digital Audio Player Unveiled

If you’ve been following the world of “high-resolution audio” and support for it among the major manufacturers, the Sony Corporation would immediately come to mind. They even developed the logo. But the announcement that Pioneer has [...]