August, 2015

Audio Myths – Benchmark’s John Siau Takes on DSD

You don’t have to drill very far to realize that John Siau, the chief designer at Benchmark Media, is a very smart guy. Over the years since I first met him, he has become a friend [...]

Adding Dolby “A” Noise Reduction To The Mix

I wrapped up the Christian Jacob “Beautiful Jazz” transfers last night about 10 pm. It was a very long day. As I drove out of my parking lot, I made the choice to use the freeway [...]

An Analog Weekend

I’m sitting here in my main studio control room watching reels turn on both my Nagra IV-S and the Studer A820 1/4″ 2-track machine I rented yesterday. I had hoped to be further along at this [...]

Today Is Analog Day

It is very hot in Los Angeles…even by the beach where Charlie and I went running this morning. Today is the day I start transferring the analog master tapes of Christian Jacob’s “Beautiful Jazz” for about [...]

The Pono Promise

The breaking news from Pono yesterday included a rehashing of the PonoPromise to “upgrade” any files that the labels issue at a higher resolution without charge for any PonoMusic customers. As was pointed out, the chances [...]

Breaking News: Pono Updates!

There’s big news today at Pono. They sent out a couple of emails to members of their community…I received them both because I have a Pono player and I have downloaded a number of items from [...]

Pono: They Just Can’t Help Themselves!

Pono representatives were at the California Audio Show a couple of weeks ago. I could see them just outside the ballroom where I had my two tables and on occasion I would stop by and check [...]

The First Day Of School

The new semester has begun; I got up early today to run Charlie around the neighbor before a quick stop at the studio and a ride down the 405 freeway to the university. It’s some three [...]

Music and Audio: The Blu-Ray Disc

I’ve been working on the script to the pitch video that I have to produce for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. My first draft is too long but as I read what I’m planning for the Blu-ray [...]

More Computers and Information Representation

Computers used to be very large and cumbersome machines. The earliest machines could easily fill a room and required a very capable cooling system to keep them from overheating. These early calculating machines used vacuum tubes [...]