July, 2015

HRA Solutions: Step 2

A very common complaint from purchasers of “high-resolution” music is that they don’t sound any different than the CDs or even vinyl LP versions. As a result they feel ripped off…not a good sign for high-resolution [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 1

The emerging “hi-res” audio/music segment of the music and consumer electronics industries is in trouble. Inconsistent messaging, confusing terminology, conflicting logos, bad definitions, bad user experiences, and misleading descriptions have thus far characterized the efforts. If [...]

HRA In Ten Easy Steps

My posting about “The Mice War” Kickstarter campaign by David Chesky brought out more than a few comments about the HDtracks high-res music download site. There were some expressions of disappointment about audio quality and some [...]

Sony & Magnolia to Promote Hi-Res Audio

Sony is only one consumer electronics company playing in the high-resolution audio marketplace but they are leading the pack when it comes to product categories and promotional initiatives. The company announced a collaborative effort with Best [...]

The Mice War

You may not know that David Chesky in addition to founding and operating HDtracks and Chesky Records is a very accomplished musician, composer, and Grammy nominee. He and I have known each other since I started [...]

Neil Young Blasts Lossy Streaming

It’s like a comet that keeps circling around the center of the music world. Neil Young has popped up all over my FB page, in emails, and on the web. It started last night just before [...]

Vinyl LPs: Love Them Or Leave…But Get The Facts: Part I

I received an email from my friend Alan Kanter that was published in LA Weekly about the relative merits of Vinyl LPs and digital recordings…specifically CD standard stuff. The article was written by Chris Kornelis and [...]

James Taylor “Before This World”

James Taylor’s recent release is available in high-res (I got my download from HDtracks) and as a standard-res compact disc (Dave O’Donnell the producer and engineer of the project gave me a copy). It’s a great [...]

The Death of Music is Streaming

Streaming is the new “next thing”, right? Wrong. Someday soon artists – major celebrities and those struggling to get a foothold in the business – are going to realize that streaming music benefits only the established [...]

$4999 for Reel-To-Reel Analog Tape

You may have already read about some craziness going on at eBay. I’ve talked about $1000 glass CDs but $4999.99 or even $7999.99 for a reel-to-reel analog tape copy of Pink Floyd or Queen? Is anyone [...]