January, 2015

Meridian MQA at CES 2015

I wanted to make sure and have time to visit the Meridian room in the Venetian Tower and chat with Robert Stuart, the main main behind the MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology that dramatically lowers the [...]

CES 2015: Day 4 – Random Rooms

I enjoyed Las Vegas. It’s a major effort to spend five days away from the studio but unlike last year’s Marketplace, I was able to introduce high-resolution audio to hundreds of people and sell them some [...]

CES 2015: Day 3 – A New HRA Info Graphic

There is a lot happening in the world of HRA…and even being a member of the committees doesn’t mean that I get all of the most current information. For example, I didn’t realize that the CEA [...]

Neil Young “Proves” 192 kHz High-Resolution is the Winner!

I had a great day yesterday at the CES. For starters, I walked right past the HRA ballroom at 9:00 and visited the Sands Hall for about an hour. I know there were some folks that [...]

CES 2015: Day 1 Sessions

A good night’s sleep thanks to plenty of fluids and the ear plugs I found in my shaving kit, which reduced the sound of the blasting heating unit into submission. I’m feeling almost normal so far…and [...]

CES Day 1: Just Setting Up

I’m completely bushed. I’ve been fighting the flu, have had a headache for days, got up at 6 am to dash over to the Home Depot and get some stick up banner holders, and fought my [...]

Vintage High-Resolution

I briefly thumbed through the latest issue of MIX magazine this morning. My relationship with MIX magazine goes back a long way…since before it was actually a magazine. When I was a second engineer at Moma [...]

Roadtrip to Las Vegas!

I’ve spent today packing for the International 2015 CES Show. There’s a whole checklist of things to identify, locate, and layout on the floor prior to packing. Most times I’ll actually assemble the entire system just [...]

The AIX Records 2015 Sampler…Is Late!

It’s not going to get done in time…the new AIX Records 2015 sampler. I’ve been working like crazy on the latest Blu-ray sampler disc, but things are moving slowly. The previous sampler was really good (I [...]

An Open Letter to Neil Young

Neil, You may not remember me, but we’ve met and chatted briefly years ago at a post house in Northern California while working on a DVD project. Larry Johnson and I were very good friends and [...]