January, 2015

“It’s bad for enterprise.”

It’s starting to make sense to me. After trying for over 10 years to elevate the fidelity of recorded music and establish a meaningful stratification of quality levels, someone finally explained it to me in a [...]

High-Resolution Audio Origins

When did high-resolution audio begin? There’s a great deal of confusion regarding the start of high-resolution audio recording production and distribution. As I sat next to Ryan Ulyate on the recent CES HRA panel on the [...]

I’m Going To NAMM…I Hope

As a member of the NARAS organization, I get access to the annual NAMM Show coming up next weekend in Anaheim, California…you know where Disneyland is located. NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. [...]

3D Audio Follow Up

This is a continuation of the post I started a couple of days ago about the 3D Audio that I experienced in the ballroom next door to the HRA Marketplace at the recent CES 2015 event. [...]

QoBuz and the Hi-Res Audio Logo

A reader pointed out that the German version of the QuBuz website is running a promotion for a new “high-res audio” orchestral album that features the JAS “Hi-Res Audio” logo in the graphic that accompanies the [...]

Moving On…Let’s Do 3D Sound

I mentioned briefly in my first post from the 2015 CES Show that David Chesky introduced me to his Ph.D. friend Edgar Choueiri on the first evening of the show. This is the guy that has [...]

A Quick Rant…Big Surprise, Right?

I’ve got pneumonia. The doctor took a look at my chest x-ray and told me I’ve got a full-blown case of pneumonia. If I had gone to an emergency room they would have admitted me. Luckily, [...]

The Info Graphic and JAS Logo Debacle

I feel horrible! Since my return from Las Vegas my chest and airways have been working against me…so I’m going to a doctor later this afternoon. The doctor will listen to my congested chest, prescribe some [...]

Research That I Can’t Talk About

I’ve done a preliminary read through a couple pdf documents that are purportedly supposed inform…both qualitatively and quantitatively… the companies behind the well-funded HRA study. I’m prevented from saying anything specific about the results or the [...]

Meridian MQA at CES 2015: Part II Listening

I spent almost an hour chatting with Bob Stuart about his new MQA development on the last day of the CES show. As I explained yesterday, the technology “encapsulates” temporal information in the ultrasonic frequency range [...]