December, 2014

Old Dogs New Tricks

Robert Margouleff, Grammy nominated audio engineer famous for introducing Stevie Wonder to electronic synthesizers and working on “Talking Book” and “Innervisions”, asked me to be part of a recording project that he’s working on with songwriter [...]

Live Music…Through Ear Plugs!

My oldest son is the creative force, guitarist, writer, lead singer, and leader of a “math metal” band called The Great Wall. It’s a quartet of guys…two guitars, bass and drums…that don’t play any measures of [...]

CEA and JAS Collaborate on Hi-Res Audio Promotion

The Consumer Electronics Association and the Japan Audio Society “announced a new partnership to help promote and support the marketplace growth of High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res Audio or HRA) devices and content.” The press release, issued December [...]

Promates and High-Rate PCM (DXD) Downloads

I bit the bullet yesterday and paid almost $50 to download the DaCapo recording of the New York Philharmonic performing Carl Nielsen’s symphonies No. 1 and No. 4. The cost of the high-rate 352.8/24 bit PCM [...]

Consumer Research Study: Part II

The study that I mentioned previously happened today. I packed up a bunch of donated equipment and headed to the other side of the San Diego Freeway to help set up and view a session or [...]

Highest Ever Quality Digital Music Format?

I have to give Peter Scheelke kudos for getting his new Promate site on the map…and his ability to generate some buzz among audiophiles. The news arrived in a Press Release, via several emails, an online [...]

A Guest Post About High Sample Rates

I received an email on the 13th from Fritz Fabig, an engineer at B&W that British high end speaker and equipment company. He wrote concerning the MQA posts I wrote and the general area of sampling, [...]

Can Consumers Tell?

Next Wednesday, I’m involved in a research project on high-resolution audio. I’ve managed to get myself more involved than I originally intended as the supplier of the source files, the audio engineer in charge of setting [...]

Jumping Off From Higher Sampling Rates

It’s completely out of control! All you have to do is look around the web and everyone is bragging about the ever higher sampling rates and the incredible improvement in fidelity that the produce. I’ve had [...]

Nyquist is Not Broken: Part II

Today’s installment pushes forward on the basic theory of The Sampling Theorem, which is the basis for converting analog music signals to PCM digital versions. We talked about the idea of “proper sampling”. The concept is [...]