April, 2014

Smartphone Sound 128x Clearer & 8x Louder?

Is the general audiophile population really that naive that they don’t know a BS sales pitch when they hear one? As a result of my recent visit to the crowd-sourcing site whose name shall not be [...]

HD Isn’t For Movies…It Seems

After my morning run (a beautiful but hard 11 miles along the Southern California coast), I came to the studio to set up the room for a film mix that’s going to happen on Monday and [...]

Streaming vs. Streaming?

Have you heard of WiMP HiFi? Founded in 2010, this Norwegian company is trying to elevate the fidelity of streaming music. And they have some influential supporters. I get and read Bob Lefsetz’s daily emails on [...]

Who’s On First?

The longest journey starts with the first step. I’m been on this journey for over 14 years now and am encouraged that the chances for high-resolution audio seem to be on the rise…at least to those [...]

Not Interesting

This is going to tougher than I thought. I mean the acquisition of original masters of major artists for the purpose of remastering…or even remixing…them as “the best available” version of a particular album. It turns [...]

A Little Integrity, Please

I was taught as a young person to tell the truth, admit when you’ve made a mistake and to stand behind what you say and do. I can close my eyes and flash back to a [...]

Pono: Counting Down

Neil Young and his team have pulled it off. As they close in on the last 24 hours of their Kickstarter campaign, over 17,000 supporters have helped push the amount raised to over $6 million. Amazing! [...]

Directional Hearing

Human hearing is an amazing sense. Our ear/brain apparatus can accommodate a range of dynamic levels that extends from the quietest sounds (the sound of our own heartbeat and nervous system in an anechoic chamber) to [...]

Read Me: About the Surround Headphones[xi] Files

I spent most of yesterday afternoon creating samples of the Headphones process for 11 tracks of various genres. Today’s post is the README.txt that I should have added to the folder. I know some of you [...]

Apple and iTunes Moving to HiRes Audio?

According to Robert Hutton, an online blogger, Apple is planning a major upgrade to iTunes that will put all other high-resolution audio download sites out of business. Here’s a quote from his blog (you can read [...]