April, 2014

Playing It Softly

The event that we held in our demo room at the recent AXPONA show in Chicago was a first…and very informative. Unfortunately, the number of bloggers or press that bothered to attend was disappointingly low. I [...]

New Buzz About “Artist’s Intent”

Have you noticed it? I certainly have. There is an increasing tendency to market better sounding music and even high-resolution audio by saying the fidelity is “as the artists intended”. The implication is that we should [...]

AXPONA 2014: Day 3

I’m back at my desk in Los Angeles…finally. While I always enjoy presenting my tracks to interested audiophiles, it’s pretty grueling to stand all day long for three days and play high-resolution advocate and DJ. We [...]

AXPONA 2014: Day Two

It’s official…I’ve actually held a Pono player in my own hands (although I haven’t heard it yet)! Friday evening, John Hamm (the CEO of Pono) gave a very engaging keynote address accompanied by a slide presentation [...]

AXPONA 2014: Day One

Friday was the first day of the AXPONA 2014 show and it was a particularly intense day. It’s always stressful to get everything set up and adjusted and our special press event with John Gorka was [...]

Disclosure or Definition?

I’m up early in Chicago this morning to write today’s post. Yesterday was setup day in Chicago and it was a long one. The AVM amplifiers that we’re using in the Madison ballroom were a last [...]

Traveling to Chicago

The flight to Chicago was uneventful and actually felt pretty short compared to some of my recent flights to Detroit and Montreal. I plugged in my new set of PM-1 Oppo headphones to my iPhone and [...]

Record and Cassette Day

The 2014 edition of Record Store Day, the seventh edition, happened on the 19th of April. It’s a collaborative effort between participating stores that get together and mutually promote vinyl LPs, special editions, in-store exclusives and [...]


Tomorrow, my wife and I are headed to Chicago to “enjoy/work” the AXPONA 2014 show. My friend Steve Davis started the show about 5 years ago as a small regional event in Jacksonville, Florida and has [...]

24 Pounds In A 16 Pound Bag?

If you want to get “free” money, you need to define the standard for something. Sony and Phillips did it with the compact disc (and yes, Thompson and a bunch of other companies played supporting roles) [...]