March, 2014


The SSI 2014 Show is over. I started today’s post as I sat at the airport waiting to board an Air Canada flight back to Los Angeles. I paid the extra baggage fees but I refused [...]

SSI 2014: More Power

It’s snowing once again in Montreal as I wake up this morning. Here it is the second to last day of March and there are several inches of the light fluffy stuff on the ground…unbelievable! I [...]

SSI 2014: Canadian HiFi

I took the the red eye from Los Angeles on Thursday night and arrived in Montreal early on Friday morning. After an hour and a half getting through customs and baggage claim AND another hour in [...]

Level Expectations

I downloaded a few files from Pentatone Records a couple of weeks ago. The label, based in the Netherlands, has a great reputation for capturing and releasing classical music using DSD. Their titles are also available [...]

Remembering Music Giants

There was another Northern California “High Definition Music” download effort launched about 7 years ago called You might remember them at the various tradeshows with their Airstream trailer and heavy promotions into the custom installer/home [...]

Sample Rate Production?

I read it again this morning on the Audiostream site. In the interviews that Neil Young did with both Michael Lavorgna and Chris Connaker (of Computer Audiophile) he talks about using the various sample rates in [...]

The Low End of “Higher Fidelity”

The Pono Express just keeping on running. This morning they’re inching closer to the $5 million dollar mark with over 14,000 backers. The pace of new supporters signing up has slowed somewhat, at least compared to [...]

Defining High-Resolution Audio

The posts over the weekend described what high-resolution audio isn’t and what it is. Today, I guess I’m going to offer my definition of high-resolution. For those that have been reading these posts since the beginning [...]

What High-Resolution Audio Is!!

I’m hoping that yesterday’s post about what is definitely NOT high-resolution audio has sunk in. Some readers felt the need to push back and would like analog tape to be considered high-resolution. But as I tried [...]

What High-Resolution Audio Is Not!

In the quest to properly, simply and accurately define what high-resolution audio is, I thought I would use a standard scientific technique and talk about what it is not. This comes as I communicated with several [...]