January, 2014

Studio Techniques: Re-Miking

Not every sound that makes it into a final mix came through a microphone. In fact, I would venture to say that many, if not most, contemporary pop records contain sounds that never breathed a drop [...]

More on Digital Models

Sophisticated digital signal processors and careful implementations of modeling software can convincingly reproduce the sound of any piece of gear in the production of a music recording. Really. And I’m including the sounds of the instruments [...]

Dynamic Room Modeling

There’s a revolution happening in how digital audio processing is being used in audio production. The reason is the dramatic increase in processing power and the sophisticated applications that are running on desktop and portable devices. [...]

The Last Few Inches

The world of headphones has been experiencing exponential growth over the past few years due in part to the Dr. Bre “Beats” headphones explosion (headphones were cool and stylish for the first time) and the need [...]

The Last Few Feet

Assuming the producer and engineers have delivered a master to you in the form of a disc or a sound file, each individual listener has the option of consuming that media in a variety of ways. [...]

Room Correction At Your Place

You can’t do anything to the sound of the recordings that you purchase. The balance of the instruments, the amount of compression, the equalization and everything of aspect of the fidelity is established at the time [...]

There’s Never Too Much Reverb

The sound of the recording environment in which a production is realized becomes part of the ultimate sound of the finished release. And different styles of music and production philosophies have different “norms” in this regard. [...]

Correcting the Sound: Heads or Tails: Part I

I got back from the 2014 CES Show last Friday evening. I had to stop by the studio and unload a bunch of equipment before going home to pack for my trip to Colorado. I bumped [...]

A Simple 75 Ohm Video Cable

I think his name was Don. He was one of the attendees at the recent CES show that insisted that I could improve the sound of my demonstration Blu-ray disc by swapping the inexpensive video cable [...]

Getting Real HD-Audio Out

If you want to get high-resolution audio out of a DVD or Blu-ray player, you would hook up the optical or coax digital output of the unit and connect it to an external DAC, right? Well, [...]