January, 2014

The Loudness War is Over…Not!

One of my readers sent over a link to a Press Release written by mastering engineer Bob Katz that pronounced “THE LAST BATTLE OF THE LOUDNESS WAR HAS BEEN WON”. It was dated last October and [...]

5 Reasons Why HRA Will Fail…Again!

Despite the best efforts of many talented individuals and inspired companies, my heart of heart knows that high-resolution audio will not make it into the mainstream given the current path of promotion and production. Heck, I’m [...]

Headphones: Hit or Miss?

I’ve posted a couple of times about my experiences at the recent NAMM Show and wanted to finish up with a meaningful conversation I had with a couple of Sony representatives about headphones. I’ve used Sony [...]

Analog is Better than Digital!

My visit last Friday to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Convention in Anaheim included a stop at the Universal Audio Booth. They are one of the major developers of plugins for Pro Tools and [...]

Why Pretend?

The emerging awareness of High Resolution Audio and its commercialization are headed for rough waters if the providers of “so-called” high-res audio downloads don’t start coming clean about what they’re offering. I’m seriously worried that the [...]

It’s Grammy Day

Tonight CBS and NARAS will present the 56th annual Grammy awards hosted by LL Cool J. It’s billed as “Music’s Business Night” but I’m not so sure it’s anything more than a party thrown by insiders [...]

A Visit to NAMM: Part I

The annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is currently holding its convention right across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. My audio recording students asked me if I was planning on going and I [...]

Mastered For iTunes

Several years ago, Apple decided that the sound quality offered through its iTunes digital music download service needed an upgrade. The previous fidelity standards hovered around 128 kbps (recall that uncompressed CDs run at 1400 kbps) [...]

Surround Mixes or Recordings

My friend and fellow label owner/engineer/producer Morten Lindberg posted a link on FB yesterday to an article on surround mixing. It highlighted a number of prominent surround mixing engineers and their approaches to producing surround music [...]

Credibility Check

I got a newsletter from another audiophile record label the other day. I’m going to refrain from being specific about the company or the proprietor because the idea behind today’s post is not to fault an [...]