December, 2013

The Battle of the Blues

In one corner is the HFPAG (High Fidelity Pure Audio Group), the people behind the “new format” Blu-rays that don’t have video but instead rave about the great quality of their audio. And in the other [...]

Crowd Sourcing My Way to The HRA Events in Las Vegas

As many of you already know, I’m headed to Las Vegas to be part of the new High-Resolution Audio TechZone promotion. iTrax and AIX Records will have a 10 x 10 booth in the Bellini Room [...]

A Gala Full of Audiophile Delights

I’m a lifetime member of the LA and OC Audio Society. The group, the largest audiophile group in the world with over 1500 members, is headed Bob Levi, a very enthusiastic, dedicated and capable man. The [...]

A New Media Room

The last few weeks, my wife and I have been shuffling furniture between rooms in our home. Now that the three kids are out of the house, Mona’s long-term plan for the place is finally becoming [...]

Where are the Women?

My first semester “Introduction to Audio Engineering” course has 40 students. I’ve been a faculty member in the California State University system since 1978 and a full time, tenured professor in charge of the Audio Recording [...]

Announcing Tweaky Awards

Sometimes I think I think went into the wrong business. What good is making no-compromise recordings in full high-resolution audio when all it takes is a $495 audiophile accessory to eclipse all of the expert engineering [...]

If You Can’t Trust Your Tools

So here’s a novel twist on the whole high-resolution audio saga. I spoke to another audio engineer here at the studio today and he happened to mention that he’d been working on an 11.2 surround mix [...]

The Art of Dumbing Down

In addition to audio production, teaching, writing and running, I like doing graphics and video. I guess it’s because I’ve never been able to afford to hire real professionals but I’ve enjoyed learning about subjects that [...]

A New Format?

Stockfish Records is a very highly regarded German record label that produces new recordings of acoustic music. They release their products on CDs, SACDs and vinyl LPs. A recent comment regarding the quality of their recording [...]

A Question Answered

One of my readers asked the following question on Thanksgiving. Hi Mark, If I have a master with dynamic span at 90dB and frequency range between 20-20000Hz would it be possible to tell or hear the [...]