November, 2013

Special Day, Special Weekend

You might think that I write weeks worth of posts ahead of time and simply schedule the posts to cover things like holidays etc. I have managed to get a couple of days ahead once or [...]

Las Vegas, Here I Come

I’m committed. The annual CES show in Las Vegas is coming in early January and Records has officially signed up to be part of the HRA (High-Resolution Audio) showcase. It’s a big expense but I [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to thank everyone that reads this post for being involved and interested in my passion for music, technology and uncompromised quality. Thanks very much for the support and encouragement. I consider it a [...]

Establishing Your Listening Baseline

The FREE tracks on this site, and by extension all of the tracks that I’ve recorded and released, are either “above average” or capable of completely blowing you away. How is possible that the very same [...]

Mailbag: Listeners Respond

The best thing about maintaining an online presence is the close connection that I feel with my readers. I get a lot of email from supporters. The encouraging ones are obviously the fun ones but others [...]

Rupert Redux Part I

Rupert Neve is a very important man in the world of recording studios and professional audio. He’s a self-taught electronics wizard and his name is associated with some of the most prized analog recording/mixing consoles in [...]

Too Much Tech Talk?

In speaking with a reader the other day on the phone, the issue of how technical I should be in my posts came up. It’s true I’m a full-fledged geek and have a better then average [...]

No Media Is Perfect: But They’re Not All Equal – Part II

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. Here’s a link to Part I. However, the overarching theme of the piece is that “PCM and DSD are different and I believe complementary recording methodologies. Smart audio engineers [...]

No Media Is Perfect: But They’re Not All Equal – Part I

I don’t make it a habit to read the musings of other writers on topics that we cover in common, but a reader pointed out that Steven Stone over at Audiophile Review had mentioned AIX Records [...]

It’s All Your Fault!

What would you think if you purchased a track from a provider of HD digital downloads in both 96 kHz and 192 kHz, played them both and they sounded only slightly different…a little more bass in [...]