Dissecting Dynamic Range: Does It Matter?

The high-resolution challenge page had been pinged almost 1500 times and over 400 people have contacted me about downloading the files. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet downloaded the files, there’s still plenty of time to [...]

The Need to Clean

Music has been distributed for many decades on spinning flat discs. There have been 78 rpm lacquer discs, 33 1/3 rpm LP vinyl discs, 45 rpm vinyl singles and albums in the analog domain AND compact [...]

Direct-to-Disc: Still Vinyl

In a direct to disc recording, the signals from the microphones bypass the analog tape recording stage as we discussed yesterday. The problems with analog tape recording are well known. I’ve outlined them a number of [...]

Ultimate Format?

I received my new copy of the Absolute Sound magazine the other day, the October issue. I don’t spend a lot of time reading through the audiophile publications but I do enjoy reading the letters to [...]

EQ’d Master Part II

If you’re just getting tuned in to this topic, you might want to check out yesterday’s post first. We’re taking a closer look at the various “masters” that are created from the flat master mixes that [...]

Infinity Audio and Beyond…

A very common myth about analog vs. digital audio is that analog is infinite in its resolution and digital is not. I heard this during a brief phone call with a customer the other day and [...]

Vinyl LPs

While vinyl LPs are still a very small part of the overall music business, they are very popular among audiophiles. Specialty labels, major labels, artists and even high-resolution audio companies are releasing LPs and retailers are [...]