Direct-to-Disc: Still Vinyl

In a direct to disc recording, the signals from the microphones bypass the analog tape recording stage as we discussed yesterday. The problems with analog tape recording are well known. I’ve outlined them a number of [...]

Ultimate Format?

I received my new copy of the Absolute Sound magazine the other day, the October issue. I don’t spend a lot of time reading through the audiophile publications but I do enjoy reading the letters to [...]

EQ’d Master Part II

If you’re just getting tuned in to this topic, you might want to check out yesterday’s post first. We’re taking a closer look at the various “masters” that are created from the flat master mixes that [...]

Analog Tape As High-Resolution? No Way.

I’ve been working with analog tape a lot over the past month. My Nagra and Ampex 440C 1/4″ machines have been put back into action after many idle years. The Ampex was parked upstairs for over [...]

The New Sony High-End HD Audio Machine

The recent flurry of announcements from the CEA and Sony regarding the new HRA initiative is welcome news. We’re going to have a holiday season of machines capable of exceeding the resolution standard CDs. Here’s the [...]

JVC XRCDs: A Blueprinted Compact Disc

Some of my closest friends are car nuts. In fact, my best friend loves to search out the perfect car for restoration and go for it. He’s done it with a ’65 Corvette convertible, a ’67 [...]

An Analog Tape vs. PCM Comparison

I know I’ve been dwelling on the session that I just finished but I feel justified because it was a very unusual production. All morning I’ve been slicing analog tape, inserting leader tape and using my [...]

Making Copies…Analog Style Part I

I’ve tried in several previous posts to establish that analog tape is NOT capable of delivering “the highest quality reproduction possible”. If by “highest reproduction possible” supporters of analog tape mean a format that can handle [...]

High Fidelity Pure Audio Announced By Universal Music

DVD and Beyond is a European online source of “news, data & analysis for professional involved in DVD, Blu-ray and new delivery technologies”. It’s been around a long time and is a great place to read [...]

15 ips Analog Tape

Since when did a 50-year-old analog format become the standard bearer for state-of-the-art music recording and reproduction? I’m reading the reel-to-reel groups, attending the DSD presentations at the Newport Show and am well aware of The [...]