Hi-Res Music Streaming: Same Issues

Nothing is what you expect. The news this week included an announcement about Warner Music Group signing on as the first major label to license MQA, Robert Stuart’s process for delivering master quality audio in CD [...]

Misguided Guides

The “HiFi+ Guide to Cables” is a 113 page advertorial piece sponsored by Crystal Cable and Siltech with interviews with fourteen cable designers, product reviews and announcements, articles on what’s next in high-end cables, and some [...]

The High-Res Mafia: Part III

I received a reply from Bob Katz regarding his position on being denied inclusion on HDtracks for some of his productions. Yesterday, I talked about the quality evaluations that HDtracks does to ensure that every track [...]

The High-Res Mafia: Part II

Is there a conspiracy for or against high-resolution audio and music? There are certainly a large number of interested parties that spew a lot of promotional materials in the fray regarding HRA. Maybe there’s a secret [...]

Guide to Hi-Res Audio: FAQ Part II

“Why should consumers care about Hi-Res Audio?” This is the next FAQ in the CEA/CTA and Sound & Vision “Guide to Hi-Res Audio”. Again HRA refers exclusively to hardware and so it’s problematic to understand the [...]

MQA and CD Quality: A Couple of Questions

Jason Victor Serinus posted an article about a press conference that was held at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I’m sorry I missed it. The title of the event was “MQA and Mytek Present: From [...]

REGEN Evaluation Tomorrow: Stay Tuned

As usual, I’ve been spending way too much time at this computer today. I did manage to break free for a couple of Frisbee sessions at the part down the street with Charlie. He’s had quite [...]

Understanding Digital Audio Sampling

The sound that we hear is the result of vibrations traveling through the medium of air. The molecules of the air care compacted or rarefied in a one to one relationship with the original source sound [...]

Digital Audio Basics: Lose The Stairsteps

The marketing people at Sony let me know that their new website designs have launched. They passed along two URLs that deal with high-resolution audio. The first features their entire line of hardware and some discussion [...]

Audio Myths – Benchmark’s John Siau Takes on DSD

You don’t have to drill very far to realize that John Siau, the chief designer at Benchmark Media, is a very smart guy. Over the years since I first met him, he has become a friend [...]